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The Place for Model-A Ford Carburetors

Many so-called "Carburetor Symptoms" can also be caused other sources.

False Carburetor Symptoms

  • Ignition not properly timed
  • Distributor points are adjusted incorrectly or they are defective
  • Spark plugs are defective, worn, or dirty
  • Condenser is defective
  • Ignition coil or high voltage coil wire is defective
  • Valves are not properly adjusted or they have excessive carbon deposits
  • Fuel line is clogged, dirty, or leaking
  • Air filter is restricting flow causing carburetor to run rich
  • So, don't be too quick to assume that the problem is the carburetor
  • Try putting a "Known Good" carburetor on the engine and see how the symptoms are effected

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