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Chris conducts class at his 2002 Zenith Seminar.

Zenith Seminar - 2002

Article from the Model A Ford Club of Colorado News Letter, "The High Country Quail", for December 2002.

"Professor" Pelikan, "Doctor of Carburetors", conducts class at his Zenith Seminar.

"Professor" Pelikan, "Doctor of Carburetors", conducts class at his Zenith Seminar

He's a Zenius!

By Tess Henry

The Zenith Carburetor is a mystery to many, but not to Bert's Model 'A' Center. He has rebuilt hundreds of Zeniths, diagnosed their problem, compiled a troubleshooting chart, written a manual giving step-by-step instructions, and made all of this available on his website Chris now prefers to teach others how to rebuild their own Zeniths, and he encourages everyone to download the information and use it as a guide.

Using his Restoration Manual available on the website, Chris guided us through the steps of rebuilding a Zenith at a seminar he conducted recently in the basement of his home. Sharon made all of us feel welcome, providing a bounty of refreshments, and photographing our progress as we disassembled, diagnosed, rebuilt, and reassembled our treasured Zeniths.

If you missed Chris' expert instruction, you can download the troubleshooting information, Special Tools, List, Restoration Manual, and information about other carburetors from his website. Chris has inspired many of us to diagnose and rebuild our Zeniths – the Special Tools are on many of our Christmas Wish Lists.

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