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The Place for Model-A Ford Carburetors

It's hard to spot a Zenith, Model A carburetor at a Swap Meet if you haven't seen one recently. Continue on with these next few pages for more hints.

Details To Look For

  • Details to look for in a "Swap Meet" carburetor: First, try to ensure that you have indeed found a Zenith, Model A carburetor, using the above photo and description. A good visual inspection of external views of carburetors will provide you with valuable information to conclude if you want to make an offer to purchase an old carburetor. However, realize that looking at only the exterior of a carburetor provides you very limited knowledge on the complete condition of a carburetor. Most sellers of "Swap Meet" carburetors are not very keen about potential customers disassembling carburetors for inspection.

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