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The Place for Model-A Ford Carburetors

Starting a Model A Ford isn't as simple as in a modern automobile and can be a struggle for a novice. This procedure will help the novice. One must recognize that there were variations in even original Model A Fords. For example, the gas shut off valve was moved from under the dash to under the hood in 1931.

Starting Procedure

Dash Area, with Flags
  1. Engage emergency brake by pulling back on it.
  2. Push lever left of steering wheel (Spark Control) all the way up (Retard)
  3. Pull lever right of the steering (Hand Throttle) half way down
  4. Turn Gas Valve under dash on passenger side to open (Pointing down)
  5. Turn Choke Control Valve (under right side of dash) full clockwise and back off 1/4 turn. If it's quite cold out, it may be better to open a full turn.
  6. Turn Ignition Switch on (Clockwise)
  7. Push in clutch and put Transmission in Neutral
  8. Pull Choke Control Out
  9. Turn engine over 3 Revolutions – Choke in on 3rd Revolution
  10. When Engine Starts – Push Throttle Lever (Right Lever) Up
  11. Put Left Lever all the way down. (Depending on how your engine is timed, 3/4 down might be better.)
  12. Allow Engine to Warm Up. (The accelerator pedal will need to be used to keep engine running until it warms up.)
  13. Turn Choke control (actually GAV) clockwise to smoothest operating condition.
  14. When starting an engine, which is already warmed up, omit Choke steps.
  15. Always put Left Lever (Spark Retard Position) all the way up when starting & then down when driving.
  16. Have Fun Driving!

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