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Float Tester

Float Tester
  • Some floats have very small holes which allow fuel to seep in over a long period of time.
  • This special tool is a modified pressure cooker, which provides for exposing floats submerged in liquid to pressure. Caution! This float tester and its contents should not be exposed to any heat source. This forces the liquid into the float at an accelerated rate. Currently, I submerge the floats in thinner at 20 psi for 45 minutes. After depressurizing the container, the floats with leaks are easily identified by weight or by shaking them and listening for the sound of fluid. This is an efficient way to test floats in quantity.
  • An alternative to using this float tester is to submerge floats into boiling water. The expanding air inside the float tends to bubble out of any holes. Use caution to prevent burns.

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