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Fuel Level Sight Tube

Fuel Level Sight Tube
  • A tool is needed for measuring true fuel level in the main fuel well.
  • This tool is for measuring true fuel level regulated in the main fuel well by the float and valve. One can be obtained from most Model A parts suppliers or you can likely make one yourself.
  • To use it: Turn fuel valve off and drain gas from carburetor bowl as you remove drain plug. Screw Fuel Level Sight Tube into drain hole. Turn fuel valve on. As the gas fills the carburetor float bowl, it will fill the sight tube to the same elevation as inside the bowl. The fuel level should be 9/16" to 5/8" below the seam of the halves of the carburetor. Adjust float level by adding or reducing gasket thickness under float valve. If the tube or wire gets a sharp bend or a kink, the accuracy can be considerably off.

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