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The Place for Model-A Ford Carburetors

Here is one way to adjust the engine timing.

Adjusting Engine Timing

  1. Before adjusting the engine timing, ensure that the breaker point contacts are in good shape and the gap is set to .016 - .020 inches. Also, verify that the rotor gap to the distributor body contact points is between .030 to .035 inches.
  2. Turn ignition key off.
  3. Place gear shift lever in neutral position.
  4. Fully retard spark lever on the steering column.
  5. Screw out timing pin located in timing gear cover and insert opposite end of pin into the timing pin hole.
  6. With starting crank, turn the engine over slowly while at the same time pressing in firmly on the timing pin. When the piston #1 reaches the top of the stroke, the timing pin will drop into a small recess in the timing gear.
  7. Remove the distributor cap, body, and rotor, and loosen the distributor cam locking screw until cam can be turned.
  8. Connect a test light probe between the breaker point arm and an engine ground.
  9. Turn ignition switch on.
  10. Turn cam in counter clockwise direction until the breaker points are fully open (light comes on), then slowly turn the cam back in a clockwise directions until the points just close (light goes off). Next lock the cam by securely tightening the cam locking screw. Be careful not to move cam position, while tightening the screw.
  11. Slowly pull down on spark advance lever. The test lamp should come on (points open) when the lever is about 3/4 down. Sometimes steps must be repeated until distributor cam is properly set.

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