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The Place for Model-A Ford Carburetors

Shutting down a Model A Ford isn't as simple as in a modern automobile, and some guidance is helpful.

Shut Down Procedure

Dash Area, with Flags
  1. Engage emergency brake by pulling back on it.
  2. Push Left Lever (Spark Control) all the way up (retard position)
  3. Push Right Lever (Throttle) all the way up
  4. Turn Gas Valve under dash on passenger side to closed position (pointing to the Left). If vehicle is going to be left over night, or similar circumstances, it's a good idea to let the engine burn up the majority of the gasoline in the carburetor by letting engine run until it stalls.
  5. Turn Off the Lights and any other Accessory
  6. Turn Ignition Switch off (Counter Clockwise)

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