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The Place for Model-A Ford Carburetors

Assuming that you have closely inspected and cleaned all the components, here are some instructions on how to assemble the upper casting.

Upper Carburetor Casting Assembly

  1. Insert throttle shaft into casting and attach throttle plate to the shaft with 2 oval 5/40 screws. Turn Idle RPM adjusting screw on throttle arm so that throttle plate remains slightly open when it is closed.
  2. Position cap and spring onto idle air mixture screw and then screw it into the casting. Initial setting of the idle air mixture screw should be 1-1/2 turns from full clockwise.
  3. Screw in Filter Strainer, with a gasket washer, using a 5/8" wrench.
  4. Screw in Float Valve with appropriate gasket washer thickness.
  5. Attach Float with Float Hinge Pin.
  6. Screw in Idle Jet, with no gasket washer as it is designed for a taper fit. Use Drilled Out 9/32 Nut Driver.
  7. Attach Upper Casting Assembly to Lower Casting Assembly, with Main Bolt and lock washer, using appropriate 1/2 or 9/16" wrench.

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