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The Place for Model-A Ford Carburetors

Assuming that you have closely inspected and cleaned all the components, here are some instructions on how to assemble the lower casting.

Lower Carburetor Casting Assembly

  1. Screw in Compensator Jet, using two gasket washers, with screwdriver.
  2. Screw in Seat for Gas Adjusting Valve (if your vintage of casting needs one), with a Gasket Washer, using a screwdriver.
  3. Screw in Main Jet, using one gasket washer, with screwdriver.
  4. Screw in Cap Jet, using one gasket washer (with 5/16" nut driver).
  5. Screw in drain plug, with one gasket, using 1/2" wrench.
  6. Screw in Secondary Well until it bottoms out, but do not tighten, with screwdriver.
  7. Screw Gas Adjusting Valve housing (minus the needle) into the casting. Tighten with a 7/16 or 13/16" wrench.
  8. Screw Gas Adjusting Valve needle into the Gas Adjusting Valve housing. It does not need to be screwed in very far at this time.
  9. Slide choke driver over Gas Adjusting Valve assembly.
  10. Attach choke lever arm to choke shaft with a lock washer and an 8/36 nut.
  11. Slide choke shaft into casting and align choke lever cam into choke driver.
  12. Attach Choke plate into shaft, using 2 oval 5/40 screws. Care should be taken to remove as much choke level arm cam engagement slop as possible.
  13. Screw Choke Driver to full clockwise position, and then back off about 1/4 of a turn.
  14. Drop Venturi into casting.
  15. Install main bowl gasket over Venturi onto the casting.
  16. Set aside a main bolt and lock washer, which will later be used to attach the lower casting assembly to the upper casting assembly.

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